Hard Money Loan Types

Hard money loan types

Hard money or private loans are more preferred in this climate by real estate investors because they are short-term loans that range from 3 months to 2 years and they are being closing quickly at 55% to 65% LTV (loan to value).

Hard money loans

offer different types of programs that you can use when you plan to buy residential, commercial, construction, and land investments.

  • Hard Money Acquisition Loans – These loans usually finance the purchasing of real estates through loan proceeds.
  • Hard money Mezzanine Financing & Loans – These loans are paid back¬† at the time of sale. They usually have flexible structure and debt and equity mixes to increase the leverage of the borrowers.
  • Hard Money Acquisition and Development Loan – This type of loan is suitable for individuals who plan to purchase and develop a property. The loan amount is released with additional interest on the distributed funds.
  • Asset-Based Hard Money Loan – This loan can be used for any purpose but they require real estate as collateral for security purposes.
  • Hard Money Bridge Loan – This loan is utilized for a short period until the permanent financing is granted. This type of loan is suitable for business opportunity that requires immediate financing such as buy-outs, foreclosures and constructions.
  • Hard Money Construction/ Rehab Loan –¬† This type of loan is intended to finance construction of a building or renovation of real property.
  • Hard Money Raw Land Loan – This type of loan can be used for numerous real estate properties. The LTV ratios will be calculated based on the 90 quick day sale.

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