Asset Based Lenders

Asset Based Lenders Today

The current market situation presents asset based lenders with a multitude of opportunities and risks. As the availability of conventional bank lending shrinks in the marketplace, independent asset based lenders are seeing an uptick in residential and commercial loan applications. This development is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for private asset based lenders to develop relationships with business that was previously out of reach due to strong bank competition.

Asset Based Real Estate Loans

Asset based real estate loans are a viable solution for businesses or real estate investors that cannot provide tax returns or have a few bumps on their credit report. Commercial real estate owners with equity less then 65% loan to value are the best candidates for asset based loans.

At the same time, across the board declines in sales and earnings make many business owners that own real estate a potential asset based loan borrower. How can your business capitalize on the opportunity to borrow when banks say no?

By working with Private Lending Groups to expand and leverage your real estate assets. Business owners have a lender that uses your real estate asset as collateral instead of boxes of documents and months of underwriting your loan request.

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