Self Employed Mortgage Loan

self-empoyed-image-150x150Self Employed Mortgage Loan

Private Lending Groups has a solution if you have difficulty documenting your income because you are self-employed in California and 20 major citiesin the U.S., take a look at a self employed mortgage loan option for qualified applicants. Private Lending Group created an online marketplace so self-employed borrowers like you could get financing easier. We offer self-employed and independent contractors stated income refinance loans, investor mortgages. If you own your own business, or you are a 1099 contracted worker, then Self employed mortgage loan will likely meet your financing needs. If you do not want to document your income, or you would prefer to supply the lenders underwriter bank statements rather than pay-stubs, then a reduced doc feature would benefit your mortgage loan submission. Getting a Self employed mortgage loan makes a lot of sense if you are self-employed or if you tax returns are more complex because of multiple revenue streams. To apply for a Self employed mortgage loan click here.

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