Finance Companies in America

Finance Companies

Where have all the finance companies gone? Ten years ago you could find a dozens of finance companies in the country. Household Finance, Beneficial Finance, Security Pacific, General Finance, , Mercury Finance, Blazer Financial, CIT, Transamerica, Commercial Credit were making unsecured and real estate secured loans for the last 50 years. After the sub prime mortgage bust the securitization market dried up and now I do not know where to find one open finance companies for real estate investors. In the United States the market demand for real estate financing outstrips the supply of money for real estate investors and consumers nationwide. Until this void is filled it will be a a long time before housing comes out of its recession.

Real estate investors will continue to seek alternative forms of capital for their real estate business including private lenders, credit unions, and hard money lenders. Hard money lenders and private lenders are one of the few sources helping the housing recession nationwide by providing capital when banks and traditional lenders turn their backs on all but the best borrowers. Hard money and private money are the new finance companies in 2012. To apply for a modern day finance companies loan click here.

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