New Loan Closed in Florida


New Loan Closed in Florida Recently Funded!

New loan on this beautiful single family home is a 3 bedroom / 2.5 bathroom and being upgraded by a seasoned investor.

Loan Recently Funded

They attained loans of $350,000.00 with Private Lending Group and they are almost done with the work needed to make ready for sale!

Details on the Recently Funded opportunity

First Mortgage is in Bonita Springs, Florida

The property is a Single Family residence in an excellent neighborhood. Appraised value came in over $520,000.00.  This property wont sit on the market for long!

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Traditional lenders products fluctuate with the market, private money has long provided construction loans and continues to do so. Private-money lenders are understandably cautious with new construction loans, as many project future downward momentum on home values. These lenders also are sceptical of the effect of shadow foreclosure inventory that competes with new homes and is available for .50 cents to .60 cents on the dollar. Although, banks generally stay away from new construction loans, private lenders are still are willing to fund some projects, if they meet their lending requirements.

Private Lending Group closed another loan funding $350,000.00

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