Living Off House Flipping

Living Off House Flipping

In our previous blog, we examined the differences in effort and reward between mutual funds and house flipping, which are both very common investments. Our findings were startling, with house flipping potentially grossing more than ten times the return on investment that mutual funds brought in. Today, we’ll take a look at what it takes to make a living off of your house flipping investments at a high level, which is often the goal for new flippers.

Beginner’s Guide to Full-Time House Flipping

Becoming The Boss

The goal of flipping houses varies greatly from person to person; however, most often, we see new investors looking to punch out of their day job for good to take on flipping houses full time. If you want to become your own boss, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind financially before you can pull the trigger:

  • Employer costs, such as health insurance, retirement matching, and other benefits will have to be shouldered by your gross profits. You’ll also have to consult with a tax professional to file your new income correctly with the state and federal government, including taxes from the home sales.
  • Planning for retirement should be a huge priority; while we’re not advising you plan to open a group 401k account, you should always be looking at your future financial success and storing away funds in alternative investment types to diversify your portfolio and minimize your risk.
  • Never go all-in on a deal. As your own boss, you’ll need to pay yourself and your family a salary from the profits and accounts that you keep. When your money is tied up in real estate, you’re essentially broke, regardless how much the future profits could be. Always keep a salary set aside to cover your living costs and never take on a flip that could even possibly cost your entire nest egg.
  • Borrow smart and effectively with Private Lending Group. By partnering with our direct, private lenders, you can close on houses much faster and take advantage of opportunities without threatening your nest egg.

Stay Focused

One mistake that new full-time flippers make is losing sight of deadlines and taking their eye off of the open house. Above all, you need to sell houses to make money, and that means making and sticking to deadlines whenever possible. Any deviation from your deadline should be avoided at all costs, and that can only happen if you’re engaged in the process. At any point in the process, you should know which contractors are on site, where you are in the permit and inspection process, and what materials need to be ordered or delivered and when. Even if you work with a general contractor for one or more projects, check in with them regularly to keep track of these answers.

Get Started

At Private Lending Group, we want to help you generate huge returns on your investment property with loans to help you close on houses quicker than a traditional bank loan. Get the investment property funding you need quickly with our experienced private Chicago lenders.

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