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Private Lending for Construction Loans

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The lending landscape has dramatically changed in the past four years, and traditional banking lenders have gone from full speed ahead to full stop on speculative construction loans and construction-to-permanent loans to builders. Neither of these extremes is practical nor sustainable, but savvy mortgage brokers can set themselves apart in the coming years and help […]

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Investment Property Loans

Investment Income, Rentals, & Capital Gains

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Investment Income, Rentals, Capital Gains & You Selling a house is an interesting and exciting time; in most cases, selling a home is something a person will only do a couple of times in their life, and will likely be overshadowed by the process of buying their next home, moving, and everything that goes with […]

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Things Investors and Lenders Should Consider For Profitable Rental Property

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Deciding to finance a residential rental property may be stressful for first-time private lenders or investors. There are things to consider when shopping for an income property. Uneducated decisions can result in problems and ultimately affect an investor’s returns. There are eight essential elements to consider when shopping for an investment property if you’re a […]

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7 Biggest Dangers When Investing In Mortgages

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The 7 biggest dangers when investing in mortgages and what you must know to protect your investments today! 7 Dangers you should never make when investing: (1) Never close a loan without title insurance or without an up to date hazard insurance policy in effect listing you or your entity as loss payee. A clear title […]

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