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  1. Restore Your Community Through Flipping

    If you follow television shows, then you likely believe that all flippers are somewhere between half-crazed crooks and rural, down-home, country values type folk, but that isn’t the case at all. In fact, anyone can be a flipper, provided they have the motivation to do so. How to Make a Difference in Your Local Community Through Flipping We’ve all seen them; whether it’s the bowling alley tha…Read More

  2. Investment Property Dealbreakers

    Seasoned investors and first-time flippers alike should have one thing in common: Clearly defined deal breakers. In order to succeed in the investment property business, you simply must think in terms of “if this, then that” or you will eventually fall into a pitfall - likely a money pit. Where to Draw the Line Take a good hard look at your financial situation before you move forward on any in…Read More

  3. Commercial Loan Brokering Programs & Training 2017


  4. Benefits of Investment Property Loans

    An investment property can be quite exciting. For some, investment properties represent an alternative to living off of the interest generated by a hefty 401k account in retirement, while others see it as a way to pad the monthly expenses of their household, and other still see investment properties as the end to their 9 to 5 life. Today, we’ll go over how to use investment property loans to ac…Read More

  5. Mortgaging Another Home

    If you’re considering a second home, for whatever reason, you have a few options to choose from when considering ways to finance your new home, but most commonly this choice is between a second mortgage and an investment property loan. Differentiating Second Mortgage from Investment Property Loan First off, it is important to note why we don’t include a standard mortgage in the equation; this…Read More

  6. Property Flipping: Income & Capital Gains Tax

    Selling a house is an interesting and exciting time; in most cases, selling a home is something a person will only do a couple of times in their life, and will likely be overshadowed by the process of buying their next home, moving, and everything that goes with the entire process. For someone that is flipping or even renting houses as a primary income, however, the experience is much different -…Read More

  7. Living Off House Flipping

    In our previous blog, we examined the differences in effort and reward between mutual funds and house flipping, which are both very common investments. Our findings were startling, with house flipping potentially grossing more than ten times the return on investment that mutual funds brought in. Today, we’ll take a look at what it takes to make a living off of your house flipping investments at …Read More

  8. Comparing ROI: House Flipping vs Mutual Funds

    The most important things to consider for any investment opportunity are risk and reward; in this case, reward denotes the projected return on investment or maturation rate and risk is a complicated enough topic to justify the hundreds of financial resources developed specifically on the subject matter. Today, we’ll look mostly at the potential rewards to be gained from two common, but very diff…Read More

  9. Overcoming Commercial Investment Property Risks

    In our previous blog, we laid out a number of risks associated with various types of commercial real estate investments. Today, we’ll cover ways that you can overcome these risks to reap the profits in the form of questions and answers you need to gather before moving forward with any commercial real estate investment purchase. Considering Commercial Real Estate Questions to Ask & Answer Bef…Read More

  10. Defining Commercial Investment Properties

    Understanding what constitutes a commercial investment opportunity is crucial to being able to reap the many benefits that a successful investment carries. The skilled team at Private Lending Group, Chicago’s premier hard money investment property loan provider, has compiled a basic guide for navigating commercial investment properties, as well as their potential risks and rewards. Commercial In…Read More

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