2 unit brick handyman special

2 Unit Brick Handyman Special

For Sale

8118 S Manistee, Chicago IL After Repaired Value: $149,000 Estimated Rehab: $40-45,000 Square Footage: 2,310 Great income opportunity, can rent out 2 units unfinished basement 4 Beds/ 2 Baths: No Garage, Full Basement and Attic. FINANCING AVAILABLE Interior Photos, Click Here

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Hot neighborhoods real estate values poised to see growth in Chicago

Chicago For Sale
For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale

Chicago homeowners who have been waiting for real estate values to bounce back to the levels they were at before the housing crash probably will continue to be frustrated in 2017, although a couple of hot neighborhoods are poised to see appreciation. On average, home prices in the Chicago area will climb just 1.95 percent […]

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Determining Maximum Purchase Price (MPP)

For Sale Home Buyer News
Home Buyer News Home Buyer News Home Buyer News Home Buyer News Home Buyer News

Most investors have some quantitative analysis technique they use for determining their maximum purchase price (MPP). Some use analysis techniques that require spreadsheets and/or complex formulas; other don’t use any formulas, but just go off a gut feeling they may have for the property or the location. While I’m certainly not a fan of the […]

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More Las Vegas houses boarded up despite improved economy

For Sale Foreclosure
Foreclosure Foreclosure Foreclosure Foreclosure

At an abandoned house a mile or so from the Meadows Mall, the boards covering the front door and windows have a red-colored message: “No Trespassing.” But people aren’t staying away. A side gate is open, someone graffitied an anarchy symbol on the house, and a next-door neighbor sees vagrants come and go. Some nights, […]

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