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The Difference between Investor Loans and Home Ownership

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The Difference between Investor Loans and Home Ownership By:  Kimberly Hoffman Investor loans for “Fix it and flip it” is a phrase often associated with real estate investing. The idea behind the concept is that the completion of a few choice rehab projects will add significant value to the price of a home. With this in mind, many […]

7 Dangers of Mortgage Investing

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The 7 Biggest Dangers when Investing in Mortgages and Trust Deeds what you must know to protect your investments today! The 7 Dangers you should never make: (1)    Never close a loan without title insurance or without a up to date hazard insurance policy in effect listing you or your entity as loss payee. (2)    […]

Banks now charging to deposit money!


Bank of New York Mellon Corp. on Thursday took the extraordinary step of telling large clients it will charge them to hold cash. Bank of New York Mellon is preparing to charge some large depositors to hold their cash, in the latest sign of the worries roiling global markets. Liz Rappaport has details. The unusual […]