Rehab Rate Sheet & Guidelines for Jan 2017 - image on

Rehab Rate Sheet & Guidelines for Jan 2017 - image 461_Lakewood_Pa-022-160908-57d1761c5c04e on

Rehab Draw Instructions for National Title Solutions

Construction Rehab Loan
Rehab Loan

Attached you will find the necessary documents for the construction escrow. The Owner/Lender/General contractor will sign the agreement. The Owner(s) will sign the Personal Undertaking/Signature authorization. The Lender will sign the Lender’s initial title certification/Lender’s disbursement authorization. These can be sent to us before/with the first draw. We cannot disburse without these documents. This is […]

Purchase Rehab Loans

Rehab Loan

Purchase Rehab Loans Today’s real estate investors have found purchase rehab loans the answer to their investing needs. Purchase rehab loans are a combination loan. Part one is used to purchase the investment property, and part two is used to advance monies for needed repairs. Many times, real estate investors need funds after closing to […]